6. time zones.

    The earth
    Is in the in between
    Like puberty for a child/adult
    Not quite morning
    Not quite night
    The sun pauses
    All the world is bright
    Good morning
    And good night


  10. feeling.

    i fell in love
    with the feeling-
    of being yours
    i made passionate love
    to the feeling
    inside of my head
    i was so enthralled
    with the idea
    of holding your hand
    leaning against your body
    and you supporting me
    that i forgot about your soul
    your person
    and that i didn’t love that
    only the feeling

    (Source: memoirsofamusician)


  11. the moment in which you attempt to sink into a bathtub full of scalding water just as Sylvia Plath describes it, so intimate and romantic and pure and blissful… and then remember all the sunburns you have all over your body even though you pinky promised your mom you wouldn’t sunburn yourself because you didn’t want to smear that greasy, shiny protector all over. so the heat of the water burns more than it should, and your sunburns also burn more than they should. hmph.


  12. gravity.

    Once I learned that the difference between birds flying and humans not, is because birds’ bones are hollow.
    Sometimes I wonder if it’s not the difference in bone, but thoughts that really matter.
    If my mind were so empty, could I not fly?
    The weight of words and thoughts and things keep me on this ground.
    Penguins and flamingos and ostrich’s must share in my pain.
    Thoughts are not filled with cement.
    Uplifting thoughts are a paradox.
    Even the happiest thoughts are filled with gravity.
    Keeping me nailed to this ground.

    (Source: memoirsofamusician)


  13. knowing.

    I know I miss you more than you miss me, because I can feel the hurt on the inside of my arms after they’ve been away from your sides for too long.

    I know I’m allergic to your absence because of the way my nose stuffs and eyes water when you ask, “Is everything okay?” yet I can’t hear your voice.

    I know heart muscles are controlled unconsciously, but I think my brain is starting to be controlled unconsciously too.

    I know this because of the way my thoughts always return to you, like my blood always finds its way back to my heart.

    (Source: memoirsofamusician)


  14. Lost Inside a Body

    She gets like this
    Curls up inside herself, you know
    Doesn’t know why such a small soul
    Was given such a large living quarters
    She doesn’t even like to run
    The sun sets in her eyes
    At the time of day it rises in others
    Others wear a hat on their thoughts
    She keeps her flying like kite strings
    They don’t know why shes like this
    I don’t know either


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